Monday, July 26, 2010

She Bust The Windows Out His Car

Let's face it. People get pissed off in love, then it becomes WAR. And there's a whole soundtrack to back it up.

Oran "Juice" Jones -- The Rain
Kelis -- Caught Out There
Blu Cantrell -- Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)
Sunshine Anderson --  Heard It All Before
And the latest to join the "Pissed-off Pack" is Jazmine Sullivan -- Bust Your Windows

See how it progressively gets worse? Oran put the girl out of his house, took back all the gifts and told her to "be gone!" Kelis is running up and down the block talking about how much she hates her man. And by the time Jazmine smashes her cheating man's car windows, Blu's already spent up all the money and ruined her man's credit, and Sunshine's warning a brotha that he's got her "bout to call my peeps and take it to the streeeeeeets!"

So, what gives, right?

Men all over the country (and a couple of cougars/sugar mommas) want to know why it has to be this way? They're standing there looking at the ruins of their prized Mercedes-Benzes and Toyota Corollas, and some of them are welling up with tears right now about to break down like a punk in prison. They're looking at key marks from the rootie to the tootie (that's the back bumper to the front bumper); they've got punctured tires. They're looking at smashed windows and headlights. They're looking at Easy-Off Oven Cleaner piled up on the hood. They've got spray paint in any spot there isn't already a key scratch. Oh yeah, and some of them have a brick lodged in the sunroof.

Again, I'm sure the fellas are asking why all the drama over a failed relationship? And therein lies the rub. What I find truly astounding is that some men don't see the damage they cause some women but they can sure as hell see the damage these women caused to their cars.

Meanwhile, it's my observation that women who go to this extreme only do so because they don't feel like the men who've wronged them grasp how much pain they're enduring. If a man were truly remorseful for breaking this woman's heart, she might not be breaking his car!

Now, yes, there are some hormonally imbalanced, emotionally undeveloped women out there who would go helter skelter on a BMW or a Honda if her man forgot a gift on Valentine's Day. But let's be clear, I'm not talking about that woman. I'm talking about the good woman gone bad because she got tied to a bad guy.

Perhaps Jill Scott explains it best in her "Insomnia," in which she croons longingly about her lover who won't come home and who won't call or talk to her anymore. She ends her song with this ironically quietly spoken diatribe:

Time to wake up, put on my strong face
And hope that no one will know
You have managed to turn me
From a woman of substance
Into a 'Brick flying, calling too damn much
Cryin' and cryin', spyin' way down, down low with flats on
From the opposite side of the bar
Easy Off, loaded on the top of your car' chick
I never intended to be this chick...
...After being chased, I've been dismissed
As just an object, something to play with
You have managed to turn me
From a woman of substance to this

The revelation today isn't for me, it's for the cheater with the selfish spirit: If you cause another person pain, bear in mind that what goes around comes around.

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